Saturday, March 6, 2010

If I can do it, so can you!

I was having a lot of problems with my email box being well overloaded with way too much junk and garbage from almost every Tom, Dick, Harry and Harriet's on the Internet all trying to sell me their crap which I am far from being ready, willing, wanting etc before I am set up properly on being set up as an Affiliate on the Internet and a DOE Member with Charlie Page who has actually in many ways has become a Mentor to me.
I first signed up with as an Affiliate, which gave me two web sites; and and then I later signed up as a DOE Member of Charlie Page which I think is great. The other ones I signed up with, I am not worried about doing anything with them as yet and may get to them at a later date.

My biggest mistake was when I inadvertently signed up with Viral URLS and who somehow have a connection with World profits where I went to watch their live Video and came back to my email address and got the shock of my life.

I was already getting well over 152 plus emails and growing from Viral URLS as it was, then all of a sudden, I was getting 300 to 400 plus emails a day 7/24 which is way too much for anyone to handle and it was latterly setting me back from doing the things I was supposed to be doing with this Internet business I was just trying to get stated in because I am on Disability and no longer can do my trade in H.D. Mechanics any longer.

Being on AISH and early pension; I do not make very much money to live on, so I am trying to make it possible for me to make some extra income with this Internet business I am trying to get going. With all of this email overloading my email boxes; it was latterly hurting me from ever having a fair chance of making a go at this business and it was setting me back instead of going forward in this Internet business I started.

To try and make this story short for my blogger, you will be able to find out more by reading my Articles I have written on various web sites and this will give you a challenge to follow me to learn more of what I have to say and what I have written which is mostly on "Motivation" and "Positive Thinking" which is what I am trying to teach, guide and Instruct people who need my kind of help and it is all "Free" for now.

I tried to unsubscribe to these people,I tried emailing them in many ways, I even went to their live web seminars etc to try and get them to stop and they would not stop. It got so bad that Yahoo Mail stopped me from sending out my emails accusing me of scamming people which I have never done or ever will do and besides I have never sold a dam thing on this Internet as to date and I told Yahoo that. They assumed I was scamming because of all the emails I was recieving from ViralURLS, etc which I was not guilty of and I told Yahoo who was doing the scamming and creating this very big problem for me.

Shortly after Yahoo Mail returned my service after I had wrote to them and I thought for a brief moment that they had stopped Viral URLS at least, but I was wrong. I then went back to emailing these people to stop emailing me and I was not very nice to them; in fact I was getting pretty nasty to them for what they were doing to me and they would not stop.

I happened to remember an old saying as to fight fire with fire; I remembered and also knew the power of the Internet which does not take sides and does not care how rich, powerful, poor or whatever you are. With all of this information and knowledge at my grasp; I put it all into Action and I did warn these people what I would do if they refused to stop because they were hurting me and they just did not care or give a dam to what they were doing to me. I reminded them of another true saying: Good news travels slow; But Bad news travels like Wildfire which they did not believe I would or could do, but I knew I had the Power of the Internet at my disposal and the power of the Internet can either make you or break you and it does not give a dam who you are, how rich you are or even if you are a bum off the streets; we are all equal on the Internet and these idiots were too dam stupid to realize this.

In the last two days now I have not heard a peep from these idiots anymore and now I am getting my life back and will be able to achieve my new career in this Internet business because I now have a chance to succeed.

I revised an Article I wrote Dec/17/2009 and have just finish the new Article called Are You A Victim and in it I have an other Article The Battle of the Titans/David v/s Goliath, so watch out for it and the many other Articles I have written which I know you will all enjoy all for "Free" until I can figure out how I can sell them to be able to make some money on this Internet business, so Follow Me to all of my web sites before I find out how to charge you for my writing.

You can go to my (B) or to (Home)

My challenge to you is to go there and find out what I have to offer you to Enjoy!

Think Great, Be Great, Do Great "Motivation" is a "Key" that will unlock all of the Secrets to the Universe which has all the "Free Gifts" in it for all to grasp onto and enjoy. Take Care!

Author: John L.S. Adams

PS. If I can Do It; So Can You.

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